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Sunday, January 6, 2013


US Census Bureau Postdoctoral Research Program

Postdoctoral Research Program

The Census Bureau’s mission is to be the preeminent collector and provider of timely, relevant, and quality data about the people and economy of the United States. Over 200 years ago, the United States Constitution laid the foundation for what is today the world’s largest and most comprehensive data gathering organization. The Census Bureau was founded in 1902. Today, the Census Bureau is the provider of the Nation’s official economic, population, and demographic statistics. Every month, quarter, and year, the Census Bureau plans, implements, and evaluates over 100 sample surveys that update and add to information from the economic and decennial censuses- information that mirrors the concerns of the people. The variety and magnitude of the surveys make the Census Bureau the world’s most sought-after source of information about the United States. These sample surveys would be impossible to conduct without continuous research and development.

The objectives of the Census Bureau Postdoctoral Research Program are to provide postdoctoral candidates of unusual promise and ability opportunities for research on problems, largely of their own choice, that are compatible with the interests of the Census Bureau, and to contribute to the overall efforts of federal statistical agencies.

Conditions of Postdoctoral Research Appointments

A Postdoctoral Researcher is a resident researcher and a temporary employee of the Census Bureau. Postdoctoral Researchers are analogous to fellows or similar temporary researchers at the postdoctoral level in universities and other organizations. Postdoctoral Research positions are not intended to be, or to compete with, permanent professional career positions.

No commitment on the part of a Postdoctoral Researcher or the Census Bureau with regard to later employment is implied or should be inferred by the offer or acceptance of an award as a Postdoctoral Researcher.

Postdoctoral Researchers must devote their full-time effort to the research program and must be in residence at the Census Bureau during the program. No period of tenure may be spent in residence at another agency or institution. No additional monetary aid or other remuneration may be accepted from another appointment, fellowship, or similar grant during the period of the program.

Eligibility and Consideration

Postdoctoral Research positions are awarded only to persons who have held the doctorate less than six years or are in the process of receiving a doctorate degree at the time of application. Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation. United States citizenship is required.


Awardees are offered two-year appointments, but extensions are possible with special considerations. An evaluation is conducted after one year to ensure that the Postdoctoral Researcher is making suitable progress.

The salary ranges from $74,000 - 97,000.

Education and Experience

Awardees must hold the Ph.D. or other earned research degree recognized in the U.S. as equivalent to the Ph.D. or must present acceptable evidence of having completed all the formal academic requirements for the degree before appointment. Applicants must have demonstrated ability for creative research.

An applicant’s training and research experience may be in any appropriate discipline or combination of disciplines required for the proposed research.

One-page Statement of Research Interest

Each applicant must submit a one-page statement of research interest. For fullest consideration, submit application by January 31. The one-page statement of research interest should include a summary of research interest.

Before writing the one-page statement of research interest, an applicant is advised to communicate directly with Dr. Tommy Wright, Chief, Center for Statistical Research and Methodology, who can provide specific information on current research and available technical facilities.
Contact: Dr. Tommy Wright
Chief, Center for Statistical Research and Methodology
U.S. Census Bureau Phone: (301) 763-1702
FAX: (301)763-8399
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