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Sunday, August 10, 2008


NCBC Industrial Fellowship Update

Last month I posted "N.C. Biotechnology Center Launches Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowship Program", which provides a transitional training experience for Ph.D. scientists seeking careers in industry. This program provides NCBC Fellows with salary and benefits support during their two-year employment by the sponsoring companies.

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBC) just announced that the following five North Carolina life sciences companies have been chosen as sponsors for the inaugural year of the NCBC Industrial Fellowship Program:

Affinergy, Inc. (Durham, NC): develops site-specific biological delivery systems, such as constructing bifunctional peptide linkers that can selectively immobilize proteins, cells, and therapeutics onto biomaterial surfaces.

Aldagen, Inc. (Durham, NC): a biopharmaceutical company developing proprietary regenerative cell therapies that target significant unmet medical needs with four product candidates in clinical trials.

BASF Plant Science LLC (RTP, NC): BASF Plant Science (BPS) was founded in 1998 as a multinational plant biotechnology organization performing research and development aimed at optimizing crops for efficient agriculture, renewable raw materials for specialty products, and to provide healthier nutrition for humans and animals.

Targacept, Inc. (Winston-Salem, NC): a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops NNR Therapeutics , a new class of drugs for the treatment of central nervous system diseases and disorders.

Tengion, Inc. (Winston-Salem, NC): a clinical-stage biotechnology company, is a leader in developing neo-organs and tissues derived from a patient's own (autologous) cells.

Applications will be accepted for these fellowships through August 22nd, 2008. Visit the program website for details about the program, the online application form, and submission instructions.

Please note:

* Candidates must complete all items on the application form and indicate a specific fellowship opportunity for which they are applying.
* Candidates will be required to attach a CV or resume with the application before submitting via e-mail as instructed.
* A candidate may apply for more than one fellowship if their qualifications and career interests are applicable to multiple opportunities, but these must be submitted as separate complete applications.
* Candidate applications will be collected by the NCBC and forwarded to the sponsor companies. Companies will select the candidates to be hired as NCBC Fellows.

For questions, contact:

Shobha Parthasarathi, Ph.D.
Technology Development Director
Business and Technology Development Program
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Phone: 919-549-8859

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Live Podcasts from the 2008 BIO International Convention

The BIO 2008 International Convention was held on June 17–20, 2008, San Diego, CA, ending up with 20,108 industry attendees from 70 different countries and 48 states. The conference information is available online:

I found some podcasts really interesting, good to catch up the upcoming industry trends and hot technologies.


Building on Success: Where the Industry is Heading After 2008
Glen Giovanetti
Global Biotechnology Leader
Ernst & Young

The State of the Biotech Industry

G. Steven Burrill
Chief Executive Officer
Burrill & Company

Will the US Lose Its Lead in Biotech Manufacturing?
Peter Watler, PhD
Principal Consultant & CTO
JM Hyde Consulting, Inc.


Nanotechnology: A Disruptive Technology in Medicine
Prof. Thomas Rademacher, MD, PhD
Midatech Ltd.

Challenges in Quality Control for Personalized Medicines
Stephan Krause, PhD
Director, Quality Control
Favrille, Inc.

To listen to these podcasts, please go to the Biopharmainternational.

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