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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity in Oncology at CHOP

A postdoctoral fellow position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Tom Curran at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Research Institute, an interdisciplinary institution dedicated to conducting basic, clinical and translational research on conditions and diseases that affect children.

The postdoc candidate will investigate the role of two growth control genes, Crk and Crk-like (CrkL), in normal growth and development as well as in cancer cells. The strategy involves the use of genetic techniques to remove Crk and CrkL from different kinds of cells, in culture and in mice, and then to examine the consequences for a variety of biological processes. We are using a combination of molecular, biochemical, cell biological and genetic approaches to unravel the mechanisms responsible for cell growth and migration.


The postdoctoral fellow (postdoc) will have a terminal degree PhD, MD, DVM, etc. and will, under the direction/guidance of a mentor (principal investigator) assume responsibility for a specific, on-going research project. The postdoc experience will serve to extend, refine and enhance skills necessary for professional and career development, and will enable the individual to broaden his/her scientific background by acquiring new research capabilities. It is expected that this individual will conduct independent scholarly research, and will contribute directly to the overall research goals of the project and the research group. Postdocs will be expected to participate in project planning, recording and interpretation/evaluation of data, and communication of results. Postdocs will also be expected to acquire technical, lab management, and manuscript/grant writing skills; and participate in seminars, lectures, poster sessions and presentations at national meetings. Postdoctoral fellows also may be required to supervise junior lab members, develop new methods and protocols for research, and assist with the development of other research projects in the lab.

· Strong research skills
· Effective problem solving/critical thinking skills
· Ability to work independently and to exercise discretion andjudgment
· Value for research integrity and collaborative research
· High level of motivation
· Good communication and strong interpersonal skills

Postdoctoral fellows at the CHOP Research Institute receive mentored
training in a rich scientific and collaborative environment that includes
the resources of the adjacent University of Pennsylvania.

For more info on Dr. Curran's lab:
Applicants must have a doctoral degree in biomedical sciences and a strong background in either cell biology or molecular biology. Additional experience with mouse genetics is desirable.

Interested individuals should submit their resume to:
Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!
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