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Monday, July 12, 2010


Burroughs Wellcome Fund Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Infectious Diseases

Thanks to a generous, expanded grant from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene will award two (2) postdoctoral fellowships in 2010. Each awardee will receive two (2) years of support. Although the program targets postdoctoral infectious diseases fellows, applicants who have completed training in other clinical specialties relevant to tropical medicine (e.g. internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN) will also be considered.

These postdoctoral fellowships provide support for individuals to conduct research in tropical infectious diseases (and, on occasion, other clinical conditions unique to tropical medicine). Funding is available for two twelve-month periods. The first award will be made during fellowship (generally the final year) ; during Year One of BWF/ASTMH support, the fellow should commit at least 80% of his/her effort to research and spend at least three months working in a tropical or developing area. The second half of the award will be made once the grantee has entered a stable, entry-level faculty position; Year Two of the BWF/ASTMH fellowship carries the same expectations as Year One, i.e. 80% research effort and at least three months’ work in a tropical or developing area.

These fellowships are not intended to provide funding for overseas clinical electives or experiences. The purpose of the BWF/ASTMH fellowships is to stimulate or sustain interest in research in tropical infectious diseases by individuals who are planning academic or other career paths ultimately focused on clinical research relevant to tropical or developing areas of the world.

Support: $65,000 per year for two years to cover travel, stipend, fringe benefits and health insurance. In Year Two of the BWF/ASTMH fellowship, an additional $5,000 is available for capacity development at the overseas site. These fellowships do not allow indirect costs.

Application Deadline: September 1, 2010

Submit your application online here beginning the week of August 2.
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