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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Industry jobs at Liquidia and Regeneron

Liquidia, a biotech company developing new vaccines and other products using tiny particles, has just landed $20 million in venture capital financing and a $3 million federal grant in last December. Liquidia Technologies plans to use the money to continue clinical testing of its experimental vaccine based on nanotechnology.

The company, which employs 46, will hire at least 10 new workers to prepare for human testing later this year.

Liquidia is currently hiring exceptional scientists and technicians to advance our multi-disciplinary research and development programs. For openings, please click here.

Regeneron, a midsized biotech company with facilities located near Albany, NY and NYC, is in a hiring boom and will be hiring over 50 research positions in the coming months, including postdoctoral researchers.

Click here to access to the openings.
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