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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Director, iPS Core Laboratory Facility Duke University School of Medicine

The Duke University School of Medicine invites applications for the position of Director of a newly created iPS Core Laboratory Facility. This facility will play a key role in supporting Duke's efforts to advance the field of stem cell research through the development and application of reprogramming technologies using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.

The iPS Core will provide Duke researchers with training and access to cutting edge capabilities to support their own research endeavors, with a focus on the derivation and storage of new iPS cell lines. The Core will serve as a repository for iPS cells produced by Duke investigators and a laboratory for the generation and characterization of new disease-specific lines. The Director will oversee the scientific output of the Core through the day-to-day management of operations, personnel and finances. The Director will ensure that exceptional support is provided to the Duke research community in a timely, economical, and regulatory compliant manner.

In addition, the iPS Core will contribute to the efforts of the broader research community through the large scale production and global distribution of iPS cell lines developed by Duke scientists.

The Director will report to Brigid Hogan, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Cell Biology. Dr. Hogan will lead a faculty governance board for the Core.

Responsibilities: This role will include the following specific responsibilities:

- Provide scientific and technical expertise necessary to assist researchers in designing the experimental framework for their investigations. Foster a collaborative process for the design of all iPS cell experiments via discussions between senior laboratory staff and the investigators utilizing the Core resources. Ensure that research staff have a clear understanding of the desired metrics of success for each experiment and that scientists are fully informed of laboratory procedures, requirements and costs.

- Oversee laboratory facilities including space, equipment and supplies. Facilitate the selection, procurement, and maintenance of equipment. Ensure adherence to environmental requirements. Develop and implement processes for scheduling and training of new users.

- Oversee laboratory operations including the development and maintenance of standard operating procedures for cell culture and other specialized laboratory techniques as well as quality control and assurance activities. Manage cell culture procedures through established protocols, and design and evaluate protocols for new technical services. Foster effective project and resource management needed for successful operations and service.

- Identify opportunities to leverage information technology to facilitate the efficient operation of the Core and made recommendations regarding the purchase of hardware and software, application development, etc.

- Develop and manage the Core's annual operating budget and cost recovery mechanism to ensure long-term financial sustainability.

- Identify strategies for improving and enhancing the Core?s services to the research community and make recommendations to leadership regarding opportunities to develop and implement new resources and capabilities.

- Maintain a strong awareness of other shared resources at Duke that may be of benefit to investigators involved in iPS cell research and facilitate connections as appropriate.

- Identify and implement opportunities to inform prospective Core users of the capabilities, expertise and services available.


Candidates must hold a PhD in cell biology, or related field, with a focus on molecular biology or developmental and stem cell biology, as well as a strong record of postdoctoral research accomplishments and publications. The ideal candidate will have experience with ES and iPS cell culture (or alternatively mouse ES cell culture), culture of primary human cells, and the use of lentiviral vectors. At minimum, candidates must have demonstrated experience with mammalian tissue culture technology, cell transfection, and basic molecular biology. Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills are required. Experience working in a collaborative research environment is strongly preferred. A faculty level (non-tenure track) appointment may be considered based on the candidate's credentials.

Interested individuals should send request for more information or a formal application with names of 3 references to Brigid Hogan, PhD, only at the e-mail address:

Closing date for applications: Feb 28th 2010.
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