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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Research Fellowship in Nutrition and Cancer

This fellowship program provides integrated training in nutrition and cancer research at both pre-doctoral (PhD) and post-doctoral levels (Ph.D. or M.D.) within the context of a large division of epidemiology and a comprehensive nutrition graduate program in University of Minnesota. The program is intended to prepare fellows for research careers in nutrition and cancer etiology and prevention.

The emphasis of this training program is on cross-disciplinary training, i.e., requiring trainees to be exposed to fields of at least one discipline outside the discipline of their Ph.D. This field should be relevant to nutrition and cancer etiology and prevention research, including population-based studies on cancer epidemiology and etiology, laboratory-based nutritional studies in animals, clinic-based experimental studies in human nutrition, molecular epidemiology studies of genetic and biochemical markers on cancer susceptibility, cancer prevention and survivorship studies.

Upon successful completion, graduated trainees will be highly qualified to accept entry level research positions in academic departments of epidemiology, preventive medicine, human nutrition, or community health; or in public or private agencies engaged in cancer epidemiology and prevention research, especially tailored to dietary components. In short, we train fellows in research to pursue research careers.

There are 4 pre-doctoral and 4 post-doctoral fellowship positions. Positions become available at irregular intervals.

Please contact the Program P.I. and Director, Jian-Min Yuan, by phone or via e—mail to find out current availability before applying.

P.I. and Director:
Jian-Min Yuan, MD, PhD

Current Predoctoral Stipend: $20,976

Current Postdoctoral Stipend: $37,368-$51,552
- based on experience since receipt of the doctoral degree.

Full payment of tuition and fees.

Reimbursement of pre-approved travel expenses to one professional meeting per grant year (up to $800 for pre-doctoral, up to $1000 for post-doctoral).

Other Research-Related Expenses:
Reimbursement for textbooks and other required course materials, as well as certain other research-related expenses, on a pre-approval basis.

Health Insurance:
Postdoctoral fellows find their own health insurance provider and the Division will reimburse them for single or family rate. Fellows must send a copy of the check to accounting.

Pre-docs are eligible for the Graduate Assistant Health Plan.

Vacation/Sick/Parental Leave:
Trainees receive stipends during the normal periods of vacation and holidays observed at the University of Minnesota. The period between spring and fall semesters is an active time of research training and is not considered to be a vacation or holiday.

Trainees may receive stipends for up to 15 calendar days of sick leave per year. Sick leave may be used for the medical conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth. Up to 30 calendar days of parental leave per year is allowed for the adoption or birth of a child. Insurance is covered during this time.

Office Space:
Trainees are generally housed individually with the research advisor to whom they are assigned.

Employee Status:
Post-doc: Nonservice employee/trainee
Pre-doc: Student

Yearly evaluations plus annual updates for Human Subjects documentation and grant continuations/renewals are required.

Administrative Support:
No routine clerical support is provided by the training grant. An assistant to the Program Director will coordinate administrative functions such as processing of appointment documents, tuition and health insurance premium payments, and reimbursements for travel and other training-related expenses.

Housing Contacts:
University of Minnesota Housing Service: (612)624-2994.

Research Ethics:
NIH has adopted a policy that all fellows take formal instruction in research ethics.

For additional information about fellowship faculty members, please click here.

Hello everybody! I do not know where to start but hope this place will be useful for me.
Hope to receive any assistance from you if I will have any quesitons.
Thanks in advance and good luck! :)
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