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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Graduate and Undergraduate Fellowships at AFAR

The American Foundation for Aging Research (AFAR) was supporting education and research in aging through fellowships to graduate and undergraduate students.

Awards Given

Application Process

Awards are granted or denied based on the full application review. Applicants whose pre-applications or full application proposals are not accepted will be notified by mail or e-mail.

Eligibility for pre-application:

Applicants must be undergraduate, graduate, or pre-doctoral students enrolled in degree programs at colleges or universities in the United States. United States citizenship is not required. However, students must be enrolled in a U.S. institution at the time an application is submitted.

Areas of interest to AFAR include but are not limited to:

Molecular and Cellular Biology
Cancer Research
Molecular Biophysics
The individuals most often granted awards utilize modern and innovative approaches and technologies.

There are no deadlines for pre-application or full application submission. Pre-applications are reviewed upon receipt. There is no set number of fellowships awarded each year. The number of financial awards granted depends upon the number of superior research proposals received in addition to the amount of resources available for fellowships. Awards may be renewed once. Renewal awards depend on the demonstration of success toward the goal of the original application.

Full Application Requirements:

When a full application is submitted, the student's advisor must submit a letter of reference. In addition, two other letters of reference from instructors are required. One copy of official undergraduate transcripts must be submitted with the full application. Graduate students must also submit an official transcript from their graduate institution.

If animal and/or human subject studies are involved, the student's institution must send the Foundation appropriate, signed assurances that federally mandated and accepted practices are being followed before a financial award is made. The paperwork may be submitted with the full application or after the full application has been accepted.

Graduate fellowships are $1000.00 and are renewable depending upon the success of the research. Undergraduate scholarships are $500.00 and also renewable. Renewals are highly competitive - less than 5% of research is renewed. Applicants must be actively involved in, or planning active involvement in, a specific biomedical or biochemical research project with a faculty member in the field of aging.

Contact if you would like information on renewing your award.

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