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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


FDA Seeking to Fill 1,300 Jobs to Meet Critical Needs

Under a multi-year hiring initiative, the FDA is recruiting for 1,300 medical and science positions to strengthen the agency's public health mission. The FDA has been granted "direct hire" authority to fill these positions quickly with qualified applicants. For the hiring initiative, the FDA is filling jobs in these critical categories:
How to apply:

I came to know from a trusted source that over 50% fellows (FDA commissioner’s fellowship) have gotten the offer who either belong to the preceptor’s research lab or preceptor’s favorite person.
This FDA fellowship and job is very attractive because of huge amount of salary offered and more or less guaranteed job opportunity upon completion of the fellowship. Obviously, it is expected that low or less paid FDA employee themselves will jump on it along with the preceptors who would favor his/her stuff to provide with the job.
The screening of candidates at the first round based on applicant’s resume was fair but not the final selection where preceptor was the person to make final decision.

FDA commissioner and the fellowship selection committee now has a moral responsibility to screen and determine who are candidates got final offer and their employment place just previous to the fellowship. Lobbying or corruption in FDA employment should not exist. There has to be a fair judgment and selection based on applicant’s qualification. Napotism has been a problem in FDA and NIH and should be immediately stopped. FDA and NIH has no right to play a game harassing thousands of nationwide applicants.
This is the most idiotic comment. Actually, it is the same comment made on Medzilla. Something tells me you were not chosen. Look at it as an opportunity to do something even greater. And let those of us who were chosen celebrate without the "Debbie Downer" attitude.
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