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Monday, June 30, 2008


The Continuing Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry: Career Challenges and Opportunities

For people interested in the pharmaceutical industry, I highly recommended you to read a whitepaper. Basically this study report is to provide a roadmap for industry professionals to better understand what the coming industry changes to the business will mean for their careers and where the best pharmaceutical job opportunities will be. More importantly, it is intended to identify the career planning steps that can be taken today that will allow them to capitalize on the many changes coming in the future.

Here, I want to give you highlights of the research:
  1. Commercialization of Dormant Compounds
  2. Generic or Biosimilar Versions of Biologics
  3. Improving the Efficiency of R&D
  4. Oncology and Central Nervous System (CNS) Disorders Research
  5. Stratified Medicine and Diagnostics
  6. Fusion of Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Goods
These six areas will offer great growth potential and, therefore, some of the best employment opportunities over the next decade.
  1. Ability to Manage Decentralized Intellectual Capital Resources
  2. Ability to Work in Joint Ventures and Across Divisions, Cultures and Countries
  3. Ability to Integrate an Understanding of Intellectual Property Laws, Scientific Expertise and Business Strategy
  4. Ability to Spur Creativity While Managing Commercially
  5. Knowledge and Insight on the Decision-Making Dynamics of Payers
  6. Expertise in the Functioning and Decision-Making of Regulatory Agencies
  7. Human Resource Skills to Help Transform Pharmaceutical Companies
Finally, as claimed in the acknowledgment: "It took 11 months of work by a team of 14 people to prepare this report. As part of our research process we reviewed numerous studies and reports on different aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry."

This report is free to public. Click here to download.
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