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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Career Path for Clinical Molecular Genetics---Part II

, after the two-year ABMG (American Board of Medical Genetics)-accredited fellowship, the trainee should be ready for the certification of ABMG. The key steps for the certification process I summarize here:
  1. The training program director must submit to the ABMG Administrative Office documents verifying the training of each medical genetics trainee planning to seek ABMG certification.
  2. The ABMG Credentials Committee will review the documents. If all credentialing requirements have been satisfied in one or more specialty areas and all application review fees have been paid. The active candidate status will be granted to the trainee, who is eligible to sit the certifying examination(s).
  3. Take the certifying exam! The examination will be computer-based, which is administered at Thomson Prometric test centers located in the United Sates and its territories.
For details of the certification process, you can check the ABMG website.

Another nice thing is when I search using the key word: clinical molecular genetics+Ph.D, I saw the increasing recruitment over time (see the figure above) and the stunning average salary: $98,000!

Stunning??? You can get that salary by being a genetic counselor, and its only 2 years of school after university.
You need to compare average to average man. It is twice as much as of a genetic counselor by average.
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