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Friday, June 1, 2007


Industry Postdoc Programs-CIIT

I am going to introduce you some well-established industry postdoc programs. Generally, if you get postdoc training in industry, you will have a much better chance to be hired by industry.

Genentech postdoc program is my favorite one. Don't be sad, if Genentech dumped you. There are quite a few top companies or organizations offering postdoc training.

CIIT, a private, not-for-profit research organization, mainly focus on toxicology, chemical biology, environmental sciences, human health risk assessments and pharmacology.

CIIT has strong ties with industry. Most of its trainees are employed in industry after postdoc tenure. Here is the statement on the website:

"Since beginning operations in 1976, CIIT has trained over 200 postdoctoral fellows who are now enjoying rewarding careers in academia, government, and industry. Approximately 35% of former CIIT fellows are employed in the pharmaceutical industry, 25% in the chemical industry, 21% in other industries, 12% at academic institutions, and 7% at government research facilities."

Although the salary and benefits for postdoc fellows are not listed on the website. But I heard it is pretty competitive nationally. Plus it is located in one of the best places in US, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, which is also the home of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Click here for its excellent postdoc training program!
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