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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Best Places to Work 2007: Salary Levels of Postdocs --Europe

Top 15 research institutes for postdoc in Europe ranked by The

Name Country verage annual postdoc salary (or salary range)

Friedrich Miescher Institute Switzerland 84,000 CHF = 68,000 USD
MRC Laboratory UK UKP 25,000-30,000
University of Bergen Norway 372,000 NOK
Pasteur Institute France €25,200
Umea Plant Science Center Sweden 180,000-210,000 SEK
University of Dundee UK UKP 20,004-43,850
University of Basel Biozentrum Switzerland 63,000-85,056 CHF
ETH Zurich Switzerland 78,000-86,000 CHF
University of Manchester UK UKP 20,044-30,002
The Netherlands Cancer Institute Netherlands €40,000-60,000
Catholic University of Leuven Belgium N/A
University of Helsinki Finland €33,600-36,000
University of Nottingham UK £23,457-33445
University of Edinburgh UK £20,044

Sources: The Scientist

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