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Sunday, April 8, 2007


The 2nd GSA Model Organisms & Human Biology (MOHB) Meeting

I would like to recommend this meeting to people who are interested in studying human disease using model organisms. The first "Genetic Analysis: Model Organisms to Human Biology" meeting was held in 2006. Allan Spradling et al. wrote an excellent report for this meeting: "New roles for model genetic organisms in understanding and treating human disease: report from the 2006 Genetics Society of America meeting.", published in Genetics. Click here for full text, which should be open access and free.

The 2nd GSA Model Organisms & Human Biology (MOHB) Meeting will be held on Jan 5-8, 2008, San Diego, CA. Click here for comfirmed speakers, registration deadline. I am very impressed that 2 noble prize winners will be the keynote speakers: Andy Fire (2006), Richard Axel (2004) along with Francis Collins. If you don't know who Francis Collins is, you really need to google him right away!

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