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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Best Stem Cell Research Labs in US-#7

Roel Nusse Ph.D. HHMI Investigator and Professor at Stanford University

Summary: Roel Nusse is interested in the function of Wnt signaling molecules during development and tissue regeneration. Control embryonic stem (ES) and neuronal stem cell differentiation by Wnt proteins. Function of Wnt receptors and identification of Wnt target genes by genetics and global gene expression profiling. He probably is the biggest player in Wnt field. It is really hard to miss his work as long as you stay in biology.

Roel Nusse's group built up The Wnt Homepage, which is very useful for almost every bench scientist. Actually I found out this webpage first before I checked out his lab website.
Sources: HHMI and PubMed

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