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Sunday, January 7, 2007


What's Next? Stem Cells!

My dear friends, it is the time again for me to update my blog. So many great topics I can choose, after thinking and thinking, suddenly a thought pops into my mind and can’t go away. Yes. Stem cell! In my opinion, for many aspects, stem cell research represents the ultimate goals of our efforts. How does an organism develop from a single cell? How do health cells in adult organisms replace damaged cells? These questions highlight the greatest secrets of life, which will be uncovered by stem cell research. For the next few days, maybe a couple weeks, I will give an overview of current status of stem cell research, funding resources, top labs and future directions. To be honesty, I am not an expert in this field. But I will try my best. It may not be necessary to be a big bull in most fields. However, it is good to learn something always. Your comments will improve my future posts. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!
Can you provide more what is going on in the stem cell field? For example, which labs are the main players? Thank you for the information provided in your blog.
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