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Thursday, January 4, 2007


Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals (PMPs)

Don't be upset! Plant people. You have your own chances to stand out in biomedical fields. Here is Plant-Pharma online community.

Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals (PMPs) is a category of therapeutic agents (pharmaceutical proteins) produced in live plants. Crops such as corn, tobacco, rice and soy are genetically altered to yield proteins with purity and activity equivalent to those produced by other manufacturing systems, with advantages that include large volume production capacity, reduced capital requirements, and freedom from potential viral and animal protein contamination.
PMPs and biosafety
Here is a paper on plant-made pharmaceuticals that may be of interest to
the blog, “Risk
assessment for plant-made pharmaceuticals
, with a brief blog article, How
Safe Is Making Drugs in GM Plants?
, about it.
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